Tuesday 27 January 2015

Fertility problems? Consider egg donation

Thousands of women struggle with infertility every day. In cases where traditional pregnancy with your own eggs is not possible, egg donation is recommended.
Getting pregnant using donated eggs is becoming more and more popular; in fact, it has become the most trusted medical solution for couples that have been trying to conceive a baby for many years with no result.
The procedure of donating eggs has a higher success rate as compared to IVF treatment. The success rate is approximately 75%, which is the result of high-quality egg selection.
The key participants involved in egg donation therapy include the egg donor that offers the eggs, the egg recipient that receives the best embryos, and the father that provides the sperm.
In many cases, an egg donor may be chosen based on individual characteristics, such as eye, hair, or skin color. In that way, the characteristics of the donor match with the characteristics of the recipient.

The egg donation process consists of four phases.

  1.  In the first phase, ovarian hyperstimulation, donors receive a series of hormonal drugs to produce multiple mature eggs.
  2. During phase two, egg retrieval, mature eggs are removed from the donor through a surgical procedure.
  3. The next step is about fertilizing the donated eggs with the sperm of the future father. 
  4. At the final phase, the resulting embryos are transferred to the receiving woman after a period of five days.

egg donation uk
Egg Donation
To prepare the womb of the recipient to receive the embryos, the future mother is put on hormone replacement therapy (HRT), so the cycles of both the recipient and the egg donor are synchronized.

Throughout the donation procedure, egg donors spend approximately 60 hours in screening, testing, and medical appointments. Women that donate eggs should be between 21 and 30 years old, healthy, and have proven ovarian reserves.

Although egg donation is a wonderful solution for couples wishing to have a child, the legal framework is not so friendly around the world. In a number of European countries, including, Germany and Italy, donating eggs is not legal. That’s why many couples seek help abroad in countries where the procedure is allowed. One of these countries is Cyprus, where couples can find IVF clinics offering high-quality services that result in high pregnancy rates. Moreover, IVF treatment expenses in Cyprus are lower than in the UK. For that reason, many couples from the UK choose to travel abroad to visit an IVF clinic and receive premium quality services for a lower cost.

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