Monday 22 September 2014

Why do people choose to proceed with IVF treatment?

Couples who have not achieved pregnancy by natural means proceed with IVF treatment.  Usually it is recommended that if the couple has been trying to conceive for over a year and failed to do should consider IVF treatment. Choosing to proceed with this treatment greatly enhances the probability of pregnancy. The reason for this is that the female goes through a treatment helping to produce as many eggs as possible for fertilization with the partner’s sperm. In addition, the sperm collected from the male are chosen under the microscope for their suitability. Only the most active sperm with the correct morphology are chosen. The fertilized eggs are then observed for several days before transferring only the embryos that have the best progression on those days back to the female uterus. This delicate process is the reason for greatly enhanced chance for pregnancy.

Couples going though Ivf treatment are not considered infertile as the couple’s own eggs and sperm are used.  Some older couples that decide to have a baby and do not want further delay their pregnancy also choose to proceed with in vitro fertilization. There are some couples who proceed with IVF treatment that wish to have twins as 2 embryos can be transferred back to the female making it possible to have a twin pregnancy.

There could be several other reasons where the female cannot become pregnant by natural means due to reasons like vaginismus, blocked fallopian tubes, chocolate cyst, polycystic ovary syndrome and poor responder ovary syndrome. This treatment enables women with such conditions to become pregnant. Some couples may also choose to proceed with IVF treatment where they are concerned about passing genetic disorders to their babies. In such cases pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is performed on the embryos to make sure they are free of genetic diseases like Trisomy and Down’s syndrome. It is now also possible to determine the gender of the embryo prior to the embryo transfer back to the female.

There are other sub categories of in vitro fertilization in cases where the female, the male or both cannot use their own eggs or sperm to become pregnant. In such cases donation from other fertile donors has to be used. Those subcategories of IVF treatment are called egg donation, sperm donation and embryo donation.  

It is believed that fertility issues affect 1 out of 6 people making IVF treatment a great hope for couples having problems to conceive.


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